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Bespoke wilderness holidays for families

We believe that mindful living and being connected with nature creates harmony, and that this is key to experiencing happiness.

Kids of Nature inspires families to bring more nature into their homes and to spend more quality time together. As fellow parents we know how difficult it is to juggle the combined challenges of work and school with leisure. This is why we share the findings of a passionate team of experts for all things nature; and why we personally check and review the very best nature-based family destinations. It's about making it a little easier for you to make fulfilling lifestyle choices.

Family travel is very much a lifestyle choice for which we go the extra mile (x10!), such that we live and breathe it every single day.

As we'd much rather see you spend quality time with your loved-ones than take care of time-consuming travel logistics, we organise well-deserved family holidays and share the destinations of which we know that you and your children will enjoy an amazing time together... in nature.

Be inspired by our travel and lifestyle blogs, and contact us to help you create your own family adventure in the wilderness

Yours in Family & Nature,
Petra Vandecasteele

Photo © - Kids Of Nature - re-connect children with nature

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