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Sets You Free

Play Hard

Work Hard
(no it is not a typo)

We help you get balance in life.
Switch off, relax, reconnect and experience inner calm and joy.
You deserve it. 

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Timeless Incentives


Team Bonding

Keen to invest in quality time
to stay on top of today’s challenges?

  • Need for balance, passion, and purpose
    You feel the urge to release your inner wild child and go on an adventure


  • Tired, overworked, overstressed 
    You need calm, freedom, and space


  • Not enough quality time with loved-ones
    You want to reconnect and bond, discover something new together and have fun 

Travel & Escapes

  1. Don't waste precious time

    travel & lifestyle logistics  


Use experts
to add spark to your schedule

Reduce stress


Enjoy life

Give yourself a break, not another headache

Expand your quality time 

We care about you (almost) more than you do. You really don’t need to invest your time and energy in finding mindful solutions to enhance your lifestyle. Talk to us today – let us add spark to your schedule.

What our clients value the most

  • The time and energy we invest to really get to know our clients, their wishes and requirements

  • We are available at times that are most convenient for our clients, including before/after-hours and during weekends and ensure timely communications before, during, and after a booking

  • We exceed expectations

3 simple steps to move swiftly between work and play

Click on “get balance”

Answer a few quick questions online
to refine mindful solutions


Talk with our travel & lifestyle designer

We’ll set-up a meeting to get to know you, to asses your challenges and expectations


Start delegating, stop stressing

We’ll design a Mindful Solution
that makes play worth the work 

Or call Petra +27(0)83-2301881
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Mindful Solutions we offer

Bespoke adventures in the wilderness to connect with nature, oneself and to experience real togetherness. 


Ideal for families, couples, individuals and friends


Investment in emotional wellbeing by responding to a need for balance, passion, and purpose. 

Ideal for individuals and businesses

Group of Friends

Non-competing time in nature to enhance team performance and business growth in a mindful way. 

Ideal for businesses

Inspiring key executives to outperform by zooming in on what matters in an innovative way. More than just saying thank you. 

Ideal for businesses

We use nature as a catalyst to create balance and enhance wellbeing


Dare to Unplug and to Surrender to Your Heart's Desires

Our clients usually come to us with an undefined urge to experience something out of the ordinary, and at the core of every urge is the desire to be wild and free, to become one with nature and one with oneself.

Or call Petra +27(0)83-2301881
or Amber +27(0)66-5465894



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