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Kids of Nature is made up of a talented and experienced team of travel & lifestyle aficionados who see themselves as your built-in personal assistants for your adventures in the wilderness. Whatever your dream holiday or corporate incentive may be, we are here to design it for you, make it super easy and convenient.



Founder – Travel & Lifestyle Designer

Travel & Lifestyle Ambassador

Belgian from Bruges, living near Cape Town

Belgian from Antwerp, living in Cape Town

After taking part in a 4-year overland expedition from Brussels to Cape Town in 1994 and zig-zagging East & Southern Africa off the beaten track, there was simply no turning back to conventional urban living. I chose to homeschool my children to allow us the freedom to be fully mobile and travel regularly to explore extraordinary places and projects and meet fascinating people. 


In 2013 I founded Kids of Nature, a travel & lifestyle company for ‘grown-ups’ that focuses on mindful living. Previously, I worked as a consultant for high profile corporate clients such as Anglo-American and Distell, as well as international organisations such as the EU and USAID. I am also the author of the coffee table book ‘In Celebration of Fynbos’ [published by Struik, with foreword by Valli Moosa, former minister of Environmental Affairs & Tourism and President of IUCN] and enjoyed being a regular contributor to leading South African magazines.

Over the years, I found that spending mindful time in nature allows us to temporarily remove ourselves from the constant stream of stimuli to give our mind and senses the stillness we need and deserve. It offers the opportunity to reflect on life and work, to gain fresh insights, and as such, helps to stay balanced versus losing oneself in stress and burnout.

I love inspiring others by sharing my experiences and designing immersive adventures in the wilderness.

My way of working is based on personalised, preferably face- to-face interactions.

After a one-month adventure with my family organised by Kids of Nature, I became fascinated by the natural world, mindfulness, and family travel. I realized just how important well-coordinated family travel is for bonding with each other, but also for reconnecting with oneself. I believe that nature is a fabulousl catalyst for making this happen. 

I am your personal assistant for any of our Mindful Solutions. From the moment you book with us, I will guide you throughout the entire process, prepare and design everything for you, and provide you with all necessary information to make your experience with us enjoyable, smooth, and most importantly, stress-free. 

When it comes to working with businesses,  I find it essential to create a safe space away from the office, where the Operations Manager can just become Derek again or the Marketing Manager feels free to just be Lisa. A space in which people can drop their job titles and connect with each other for who they are, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator who holds that space.


I have experienced many classic team building programmes; from one forced activity to another, causing awkward moments. Here too, I realised just how important a catalyst nature is to genuinely bond as a group.

I believe that being driven by your work and being inspired by your passion feeds you. Since I experienced both sides of the story in person, the traveler’s side and the organizer’s side, working for Kids Of Nature is a unique job to me. 

Give me a call today to schedule a private consultation.

Expedition 1994 - 1998


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Facilitator & Coach

Namibian, living in Johannesburg

I spent many hours in remote wilderness, mostly in Southern Africa.  My fascination with animals and a sense of deep connection with wild nature inspired my commitment to conservation from a young age. I formally studied life and geosciences at South African universities. This proved to be of great value to me, first as a safari guide, then as a professional photographer and subsequently as a wildlife cameraman. Further training with trackers, intuitive healers and through rights of passages received in authentic nature traditions expanded my understanding of our multidimensional relationship with Nature in the greatest sense.    

During the filming of the award-winning National Geographic wildlife documentary THE LAST LIONESS, my interactions with lioness Lady Liuwa radically challenged my belief system, leading to progressive changes in all areas of my life.  I came to realize that all authentic change needs to be created and formed from within.


As a transformative coach, mentor and wilderness guide I facilitate the dynamic space where we receive profound insights for personal transformation, vision, and growth, gaining wisdom through personal experience.  I also facilitate a space in which outdated, limited beliefs and patterns can be released and the multidimensional balance in our lives restored, which causes a ripple effect into our human and non-human environment.  


Leading UK Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist for Horse and Human

British, living in the UK

Gilliyan Carter-Morgan, founder of Equi-Therapy UK, is one of the leading Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist's in her field today. Not only is she qualified to treat the horse, but she can also treat the human too! Gilliyan offers a wide variety of treatments such as sports & remedial massage, neuromuscular manipulations, ultrasound, deep oscillation, various stretching & exercise routines.

Gilliyan is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer & all of these attributes make for the perfect combination for both you & your horse's



Facilitator & Coach

South African, living in Cape Town

I grew up at the bottom of the garden – a place where I felt safe, where my imagination flourished, and where I learnt about life through observation and play. Today, many years later, that connection hasn’t changed … it’s just deepened. Nature, especially ‘Nearby Nature’ is my solace, my muse. It’s where I love to be active, to be social and to connect deeply with others. 

My love of Nature led me to a career in environmental education. I’ve been privileged to share Nature experiences with thousands of children, teens and adults over the years. After working for the Wildlife Society and Kirstenbosch Gardens, I had my own environmental education practice for a number of years, working with various clients like SANParks, the City of Cape Town and WWF-SA to develop programmes to inspire and enable young people to care for the Earth. 

In 2010 I graduated with a PhD from the University of Cape Town, having researched the value of Nature to teenagers in Cape Town. Over 90% of the young people surveyed reported positive experiences in Nature – whether they appreciated Nature as a place to prove themselves physically, to learn and satisfy their curiosity, to be inspired spiritually and artistically, to relax with friends and family, to share a quiet moment with a beloved, or to escape from peer pressure and the threats of gangs and drugs.

It was the feedback from these teenagers, coupled with my own experience of Nature as Healer, that inspired me to shift from environmental education into Nature-based coaching. Today my greatest joy is to help people find peace, belonging, guidance and release in Nature. Whether in one-to-one coaching sessions or workshop groups, I work with Nature to create bespoke experiences in gardens and natural areas that respond to your needs. 


Travel Reviewer – Youth

Belgo - South African living near Cape Town

I have been traveling for Kids of Nature for as long as I can remember.

‘The proof is in the eating of the pudding’, so if I put my stamp of approval on a destination, you can rest-assured that it works for young people.


Travel Reviewer – Youth

Belgo - South African living near Cape Town

I have been traveling for Kids of Nature for as long as I can remember.
‘The proof is in the eating of the pudding’, so if I put my stamp of approval on a destination, you can rest-assured that it works for young people.



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  • Kids of Nature takes a stance against trophy hunting, zoos and animal cruelty, and we are very selective when it comes to animal interactions

  • Our mindful solutions are designed around destinations that show commitment towards sustainability and fair trade, and whenever possible we work with destinations where you can enjoy organic, ethical, and locally sourced food

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