Frequently asked questions about Travel & Escapes

Can I receive a no-obligation proposal?

All our holidays are bespoke, which means that we design your holiday around your specific personal needs and wishes. To enable us to do this, we need to get to know you (and your family) a little better. To get to a good level of understanding we engage in a conversation so that we can design a holiday that meets – and exceeds – your expectations. This requires involvement, as much on your side as on ours. Before we start, we look at the budget you are comfortable with for your holiday and use this as a guideline in our proposed destinations and activities. We then send you a travel proposal based on your wish list and budget, and adapt where needed until you are fully happy with it. Our approach is personal. Our way of working is about building long-term enjoyable, mutual trust relationships. What we don’t do is make you fit into an existing package deal. So, if you prefer to shop around to see what’s out there and pick the best promos, then we are not the right travel company for you. You can compare us with a tailor who designs and makes the perfectly fitting dress, one that is unique for you. The tailor will not only measure and create around the specifics of your body, but also integrate your personality and preferences in fabric and colour. In a clothing shop, on the other hand, you will choose from a rack of ready-made clothes. Both options are just a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for a truly bespoke holiday and you feel comfortable with our way of working, we will spare no effort to make your dream come through in the understanding that you are committed to travel with us.

When is the best time/season to travel to South Africa?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

The seasons in South Africa are as follows:
Autumn/Fall – March, April, May
Winter – June, July, August Spring – September, October, November Summer – December, January, February Some areas have summer rainfall, others winter rainfall. Temperatures, wind and rainfall vary a lot depending on the area you travel to. Every season comes with a change in nature. Not only in terms of climate and temperature, but also fauna and flora. For Namibia, the best is to divide the year in terms of temperatures:
November, December, January and February are the hottest March, April and then again September, October are the mildest or the least extreme
May, June, July and August are the coldest (at night)
It hardly ever rains in Namibia as one can expect in a desert. Namibia has summer rainfall. Your best chances to see wildlife are during the cold winter months, but if you want to see young and new born plains game such as antelope and zebra, the hot summer months are the best.

Do you also plan holidays for individuals?

Yes, for sure. Every free spirit who walks on this earth can book a holiday with us.
Aren’t we all kids of nature, no matter our age?

How long in advance do I have to book my holiday?

It can be as short as a week’s notice, if need be. We understand the thrill of ‘the spur of the moment’. Ideally, to have enough possibilities to create a varied travel proposal and have access to the very best destinations, the booking should be made six months to one year in advance, especially for travel during the school holidays. For Namibia, or the combination of South Africa and Namibia, we recommend booking minimum one year in advance for travel during high season.

Do you make all the accommodation and activity reservations?

Yes, we do. Your travel will be organized from A till Z. We take care of all the reservations, including accommodation, activities, road transfers, car rentals and much more.

Do you also book flights?

No. Our clients have to book their own international and domestic flights. We do, however, advise and guide you as much as needed.

Do you have a professional insurance?

Yes. SATIB24 membership allows access to their 24/7 operations centre ensuring Kids of Nature travellers in crisis have a direct line to doctors, nurses and security professionals, as well as a trustee source of global support and advice. The operations centre provides the coordination of an integrated network of emergency medical, security and management specialists who cohesively and seamlessly manage multiple resources and responses to ensure the best potential outcome of any incident. Kids of Nature clients benefit from our membership with SATIB at no charge in case of an emergency. This includes free telephone advice and assistance is offered in combination with your own travel and health insurance policies (T&Cs apply).

In which countries do you plan holidays?

South Africa and Namibia. The combination of both countries is possible as well.

What is the minimum number of days to travel?

This is entirely up to you and depends on whether you are keen on slow travel or well-paced travel, on how much time you have available, and the degree of high-end luxury you aim for as this ultimately determines the budget too. Generally speaking, if you want to experience a variety of landscapes and activities, a minimum of 14 days is recommended to travel in South Africa or Namibia. Both countries are large in area and require (long distance) driving or domestic flights to see different parts of the country and experience a varied trip. If you want to immerse yourself in nature, explore a specific region, or briefly escape in ultimate luxury, then 4 - 6 days can do.

Is there a minimum age for children to be included in a holiday?

No. You can book a holiday with children of all ages and our forte is families with teenagers and young adults. Our travel planner has extensive personal experience travelling with her own children from when they were babies up to young adult.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Going on a journey is an ideal opportunity to update your vaccinations of tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B. Everyone traveling to Africa, regardless of the duration and circumstances, must be protected against hepatitis A. In many circumstances, vaccination against hepatitis B should also be considered. Vaccination for Hepatitis B is therefor recommended. Yellow fever: There is no yellow fever risk, but vaccination is officially required from the age of 1 year: if you depart from another country where yellow fever may occur if you have been in transit for more than 12 hours in an airport in a country with a yellow fever. Check risk countries for yellow fever in Africa: Check risk countries for yellow fever in South America: Malaria: In the north on the border with Mozambique and Zimbabwe, including the Kruger National Park there is: - high malaria risk from September to May. We recommend mosquito-repellent measures from dusk to morning in combination with the intake of malaria tablets. - there is a low risk of malaria from June to September. We recommend mosquito-repellent measures from dusk to the morning. In the northeastern part of KwaZulu / Natal (up to the Tugela River south of the city of Richard's Bay) there is a low malaria risk. We recommend mosquito-repellent measures from dusk to the morning. In the event of a fever during or after the trip, always be tested for malaria as quickly as possible. There is no malaria risk in the rest of the country.

What if there’s an emergency during during my travels?

The Kids of Nature team is at any time available via cell phone, WhatsApp or physically (depending on which area you are on that moment), to assist you during your travel for all questions, advice or emergencies.

Kids of Nature clients also benefit from our membership with SATIB at no charge in case of an emergency. This includes free telephone advice and assistance is offered in combination with your own travel and health insurance policies (T&Cs apply).

In which language can I communicate with you?

English, Flemish and French. Feel free to use the language you feel the most comfortable with.

What is the travel experience of the Kids of Nature team?

We have experienced our travel routes first-hand. After Petra’s 4-year expedition from Brussels to Cape Town through east and sub-sahara Africa, her children were born in Cape Town. Petra has been traveling ever since, first with her 2 little ones who have grown into 2 seasoned travellers who are part of the young travel reviewers for Kids of Nature.

Amber experienced traveling in South Africa and Namibia first as a client of Kids of Nature and then joined the team as a full-time travel consultant and innovation expert.

How do you select your experts?

Anyone working for us needs to love nature, people, and travel, but also share the Kids of Nature’s ethos, show dedication and commitment, a deep sense of responsibility, caring and honesty. Team players who are genuine, hardworking and who care as much for our clients wellbeing as for their own.

I work during the day and can only plan my holiday after hours or during the weekend. How does this work?

We are aware of the working hours and sometimes busy lives of our clients. Therefore, we are always available after working hours, early in the morning (very early) and during weekends. Let us know what suits you the best and we will adapt to your availability.

Do you cater for vegans?

Yes, we do. We take into account all dietary requirements and allergies, and wherever possible favour destinations with excellent vegan options.

Are your destinations eco-friendly and based on principles of fair-trade and sustainability?

Our holidays are designed around destinations that show commitment towards sustainability and fair trade, and – whenever possible – we work with destinations where you can enjoy organic, ethical, and locally sourced food.

What is your take on animal interactions?

Kids of Nature takes a stance against trophy hunting, zoos and animal cruelty, and we are very selective when it comes to animal interactions. We only partner with organizations we have screened and tested first-hand, and who provide an ethical way of animal interaction with a bigger purpose of animal rescue, conservation and dealing with the animal-human conflict.

Do I have to take a travel and cancellation insurance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to take a travel and cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation, the client loses at least 30% of the total amount and that amount can go up to the entire amount of the booking, depending on the cancellation period. We always try to get back as much as possible for our customers, but there is always a non-refundable amount of 30%.

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