• Petra Vandecasteele

Are you also a grown-up kid of nature?

I thought I'd have an ocean of time to reflect on who and what is Kids of Nature today, expecting little or no activity on the travel front. I couldn't have been more wrong; since lockdown we haven't stopped planning adventures in the wilderness to take place from November 2020 onwards. I am thrilled! Not just for myself and my company, but also for our adventure-thirsty clients and most-certainly for our travel partners without whom we'd have little to offer nor to enjoy.

So, in between visualizing the South African and Namibian maps to pinpoint exciting, mindful adventures on these unforgettable journeys through the wilderness, I try to find a moment to ponder on the essence of who we are as a travel & lifestyle company, how this reflects on what we offer, and who our clients generally are.

I look back at the last two years to find a common thread, which leads me to my next question: what defines 'a kid of nature'? I realise that the common thread between our clients, our adventures, and the way we build relationships is 'the inner wild child'. The one we all have. The one we were told to keep quiet, to behave and adhere to conformity as we grew up, to eventually burry it alive under layers of incessant responsibilities and rules of conventional adult life, career, and the pursuit of wealth and status. The one that must obey and abide by the musts and must-nots of society.

We seek to unleash our inner wild child through the thrills of adventure with a touch of hedonism, and always, always in style. The 'grown-up' kid of nature appreciates the finer things in life, but can equally be content with simplicity as long as it's beautiful, sincere, friendly and tastes good. We certainly do not believe that we have to give up on luxuries, no no, we've worked way to hard for that. And, we certainly do not feel the need to sleep on a flimsy mattress on the ground if we can have a roll-out bed and duvet to sleep under the stars. We are also masters at delegating what we enjoy the least to others who are experts at it, so that we can focus on what gives us the most joy too. Totally guilt-free.

If your inner wild child is calling your, think of delegating the planning and logistics of your next adventure in the wilderness to Kids of Nature. It will make you save enormous amounts of effort, frustration, and most importantly time, which you can dedicate to something that gives you more joy. It's a win-win because we love most the part that you love the least!

Get in touch if you feel the urge to unleash your inner child. Send me an email or call me and ask me to plan your next escape in the wild.


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