• Petra Vandecasteele

Behind-the-Scenes With the Ellies

During one of our exploration road trips for Kids of Nature we discovered a really cool elephant sanctuary and educational centre, Adventures with Elephants.

Not only could we interact with the elephants in an ethical way, but we also learnt a whole lot about these majestic super-smart giants and the human-wildlife conflict in which they got caught up.

We had an interesting chat with Sean Hensman, MD of the organisation and I invite you to listen to what he has to say:

Sean was cheeky thought and bounced back a question at us...

Sean Hensman, Director, Elephants For Africa Forever (EFAF) and MD at Adventures With Elephants.

Sean graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent, UK with a BA / BSC in Tourism and Leisure with Business Management. His aim was then, and is now, to develop a tourism product that promotes educational values as well as conservation values in a holistic manner. 

Sean believes that there are many things to learn from elephants and has actively pursued research in various fields from the uses of elephants as bio-detectors (for tracking criminals to finding landmines and drugs) to communication and Human Elephant Conflict Resolutions.  He currently resides at AWE in Bela Bela, South Africa.

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Cape Town, South Africa

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