• Petra Vandecasteele

How adventurous is adventure for you?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

As I'm having more time at hand to catch-up on long overdue tasks, I decided to tackle the 1000+ folder of photographs taken during our latest road trips and site inspections. This takes me straight from travel planning to travel dreaming, and in no time I find myself in some of the most exquisite places in South Africa. Daydreaming at its very best!

As my mind drifts from one place to another I start to ponder on the meaning of 'adventure'. What defines the adventurousness of an adventure? What is mundane for the one, can be a full-blown adventure for the other. For some, adventure means physically exploring places, while for others, it can be an explosion of the taste buds by trying mysterious, exotic foods or combining familiar ingredients into an unusual blend. Before we start planning a trip, we always ask our clients how adventurous they are in terms of lodging and cuisine, but also how comfortable they are getting out of their comfort zones. The answers are fascinating.

So, what drives the sense of adventure? I think it stems from a deep longing for freedom and the feeling of excitement, even euphoria, that comes with it. When I try something that is new and enjoyable, preferably just a tad out of my comfort zone, I feel like I tap into a different dimension of myself. There's a distinctive, pleasant flow that lifts my spirits and makes me feel truly alive. It energises me and has an addictive quality to it. How does it work for you? What is it that drives you to seek adventure and how does it make you feel?

Out of the images below, which one would you pick to symbolise your next adventure? And, on a scale of 10, how adventurous would you label it?

I'd say, now is an excellent time to dream about your next adventure. Contact me as soon as you feel ready to turn it into a reality. Just pop me an email and ask me to start planning your adventure in the wilderness, be it zen or exhilarating.


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