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How to travel from your couch

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The antidote to being stuck inside. "If you can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you." In Kids of Nature lingo that translates as "If you can't go to the wilderness, bring the wilderness to you."

Photo @ Enya Godard

In today's challenging times when our movements are being restricted to staying at home and away from everyone, we need hope and inspiration more than ever before. I find it bizarre that from all measures being put in place, the only one – and in my opinion the most healthy one – that the authorities are not recommending is spending time in nature.

At risk of sounding overly naive or downright unrealistic, I believe that an excellent remedy to boredom and frustration is to shamelessly indulge in daydreaming* about a fabulous African Adventure and then actively start planning it from your very own sofa. To get your creative juices flowing in abundance, I'm adding a few really cool pictures of our recent adventures in the wilderness. And, please, by all means, feel free to use them as a screensaver or put them on your wall.

*a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present

Photo @ Siel Van Gool

Photo @ The Ant Collection

Photo @ Isibindi

Step 2 – Imagine how your adventure in South Africa and/or Namibia would feel like

Step 3 – Picture yourself (and your family) in this breathtaking landscape

Step 4 – Brainstorm with your family or on the sofa if you're on your own

Step 5 – Set-up a WhatsApp video call with me to brainstorm together, fill in the gaps, and turn your Africa Adventure into a virtual reality

Step 6 – If you have a home printer, I can send you more pictures to bring more wilderness into your home

Step 7 – Consider turning your mind adventure into reality.

Photo @ Isibindi
Photo @ Isibindi
Photo @ Tanya Baber
Photo @ Namib Sky

4 Excellent reasons for European travellers to book an Africa Adventure with Kids of Nature at a time when it seems the least opportune:

  1. Currency: the South African Rand is at its lowest ever to the Euro allowing you to save 20% on your holiday compared to the normal exchange rate

  2. Flights: this is the time to grab cheaper flights as air fares are going down

  3. Timing: book now for later. As soon as movement & travel restrictions will be lifted, there will be a massive urge to travel, so make sure to secure your adventure before the others. By the way, for the Christmas holidays it's already hard to find space at our premium destinations

  4. Our travel partners have agreed to offer vouchers should you have to postpone your Africa Adventure in the unlikely event that there are still travel restrictions in place by the time you are set to arrive

If you already live in South Africa or Namibia, 3 & 4 count for you as well!

Photo @ Isibindi

Dream now, plan now, and book now to secure your Africa Adventure to take place anytime from August 2020.

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