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Rewilding Africa – Conservation in Action

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Photo @ James Oatway

Rewilding Africa is one of Peace Parks’ most ambitious projects. The rewilding process moves wildlife from areas of overpopulation, to areas of decimation. By reintroducing wildlife to ecosystems where the species once thrived, biodiversity is once again restored, whilst the potential for securing the future of the protected areas through nature-based tourism is increased exponentially. At the same time, the process relieves pressures of overpopulation at the capture location, thereby halting what could evolve into devastating habitat degradation.

Watch the amazing "Moving Giants" video series, which documents the first phase of the translocation of elephants from a nature reserve in South Africa to a national park in Mozambique, 1,000 miles away.

‘Moving Giants’ aims to move some 200 elephants over three years in a bid to help secure the future of the VLNR, which at the beginning of last year was under threat due to too many elephants impacting the broader ecosystem, and to help repopulate Mozambique’s elephant population.

More information on The Peace Parks Foundation

It’s always easier to protect wildlife if you care about it, that’s what Adventures With Elephants is about. This organization takes care of problem elephants instead of killing them. They have brought the elephants in and trained them for educational hands-on interactions. Adventures With Elephants is a responsible tourism operation that offers the highest level of elephant care, food requirements, hygiene and environmental enrichment. Kids Of Nature takes a stance against trophy hunting, zoos, and animal cruelty and is very selective when it comes to animal interaction. Via Kids Of Nature you can book one of these hands-on elephant experiences or we can integrate it in your bespoke holiday. It is guaranteed to be a memorable, unique, and touching experience.

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