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Some of My Favourite Travel Photos

I have many in my travel album, so here's my pick of the week and find out why ;)

Goegab Nature Reserve, South Africa ©Paul Godard

Near Koichab Pan, Namibia ©Paul Godard

These pictures were taken during the time I was writing my book 'In Celebration of Fynbos'. I had one week left to finish the last touches before going to print and was travelling at that time. Something had gone wrong during the synchronisation of the files, so needless to say, it was a total and utter mess. Luckily, I had a sponsor for my satellite connection and a publishing team that was on standby. As for me, I worked around the clock, in the freezing cold of the night with a headlamp on until my fingers could no more.

Yet, it was an amazing experience and so much more enjoyable than having to spend that same time doing the same thing from within 4 wall in a traffic-infested city.

It just shows that technology can work wonders for us, as long as we use it well instead of being enslaved by it.

The Richtersveld with its famous Half Mens (Half Human trees), South Africa. Another one of my favourite places on Earth during that trip. © Paul Godard

It is said that the ancient Nama people who fled Namibia towards to this region were transformed into these half human trees and that the way the head of the tree faces Namibia bears testimony of their longing for their home. This magnificent, rare succulent {Pachypodium namaquanum} is found only in the South African province of the Northern Cape and in southwest Namibia.


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