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When it's time to press the 'pause' button

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Petra, [Etosha], Enya and James

The Art of 'Far Niente'

"We need a holiday", may seem rather absurd considering the fact that we regularly enjoy a fabulous time traveling extensively throughout South Africa and Namibia. But when my children's insistence rose to a crescendo, I gave in and planned 2 weeks of time-out during which we would do absolutely nothing.

Listening to Enya and James made me realise that we actually never do nothing. No matter how great our latest adventure in the wilderness, we're always on-the-go checking out new activities and destinations for Kids of Nature or inspecting our current portfolio. The truth is, that however exciting our travels, we are always busy doing something. And so we decided to get away from everything and practise the Italian 'Art of Far Niente' or 'doing nothing'.

It was harder than I imagined. It took at least a week to still the mind and be able to just be and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us without thinking of anything practical, or anything work-related. And then, as I started to relax, I became unbelievably lazy, not giving a hoot about anything and feeling too heavy to move. The real magic kicked in towards the end of week 2 when I felt a deep sense of balance again. A state of mind in which I was relaxed, yet energetic. Ready to tackle any challenge life throws at me.

For Enya and James taking time-out seemed to be far less a complex affair. They just followed the flow, beautifully mastering the balancing act between having fun, relaxing and sharing the experience with their friends every now and then without giving it too much thought. If any at all.

As my daughter once said, "Life is simple, you make it complicated." I can only agree and (re)-learning the Art of Doing Nothing reminded me of how simple life can be if only we'd give it a chance.

So, if you feel that you and your family also need a break from the rat race, get in touch and we'd be thrilled to plan a holiday in South Africa or Namibia to practise the Art of 'Far Niente'.

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